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*About Us*

Our company is based on the belief that we can make a difference! Like the starfish story: "It made a difference for that one..." We might not be able to save all our furry friends but we can make a difference!

We can inspire others, we can educate,

& we can raise money for a GRRR-eat cause!  

Location: Tampa, Florida...The Sunshine State!

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My Story

Scrappy Dizzle Designz was inspired by me...Scrappy Doo! I was found as a stray dog on 9 mile in Warren, Michigan. It all happened on July 11, 2005. I was following a guy on a bike and almost got hit by a car! Thankfully my Mom happened to see me, so she stopped and said "Come Here Boy! " I trotted right over with my big ol' tongue hanging out. She said I looked pretty thirsty and asked if I needed some help. Of course I did, I was so happy to jump into her air-conditioned car! She put up signs, alerted the county that I was found and turned me into the shelter. She called everyday to see if a family who loved me came to pick me up and claim me, but no one ever did. :(

Thankfully before my time was up she came to adopt me. It was the best decision she ever made!! Lucky me, she actually lived in Florida and was just in Michigan visiting family. So not only did I get adopted, I got to move to Florida with the sunshine and palm trees!

Oscar's Story

On October 24, 2010 I met my foster brother Oscar. He was just going to staying with us for a little while, like all the other foster dogs before, until he found a loving family who wanted to adopt him.

He was very thin when we got him and had a lot of scars on his face so we knew he would require a lot of love and care. We played well together, he would let me eat his food (hehe), and everyone enjoyed having a little weiner dog around!

He was so easy to much so that he eventually became a part of our forever family! He is what they call a foster failure! :)

Simba's Story

Mommy saw Simba's picture on Miami Dade Animal Services Facebook page. She thought he looked just like me... A baby Scrappy. She was sharing him everywhere trying to get him adopted, called MDAS everyday, she wanted to maker sure someone rescued him and he was safe. At the time, his name was Abderus and he was labeled as fearful. Unfortunately, no one was coming to the rescue! She was worried, he was not going to escape the horrific fate for many of the animals at MDAS. On May 29th, 2013 A good friend and fellow animal rescuer was in Miami for the day and the decision was made...

Abderus hadto be saved! We couldn't wait any longer. He became our new foster brother (again!) and once again our new forever! He was so scared when we first got to know him, it was very sad. We aren't sure what kind of life he had. But now he is a spitfire of energy, loves to play with his squeaky toys, and is a great cuddle bug! He is spoiled rotten! He is like the long lost son I never had!

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